980cc BMW Race engine with P.J.I. and an increase in compression. Blue is standard and Red with P.J.I.(almost 20% increase)

​What Will It Do For Me?

Invented, Designed & Manufactured in Lincolnshire. U.K.

Pulse-Jet Ignition

Revolutionary high performance ignition

The Evidence

The Dyno curve on the right is that of a stock BMW R75/7 1978, the blue lines are power and torque with standard spark plugs, the red lines are with the Pulse-Jet Ignition inserts fitted, this represents a 10% increase in power and torque. No other modifications were made. 

Most methods of increasing power rely on either increasing the pumping capacity or increasing rpm of the engine which ultimately increases fuel consumption. The P.J.I. improves efficiency, simply burning the fuel that is already there in a more efficient manner.

  1. Improved Efficiency/ Performance. Typical increase 10%
  2. Reduced Emissions/Improved Economy
  3. Lower E.G.T.'s (reducing exhaust valve seat recession)
  4. Easy Retro-Fit, it's as simple as changing your plugs!
  5. Reduced Part throttle surge
  6. ​Allows for additional tuning, much higher compressions can be used due to the removal of the "Hot Spot" from the combustion chamber